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MajorElles respects the environment: all our orders are manufactured on demand in our own workshops using eco-friendly production methods to create unique garments and accessories. Our tanneries participate in recycling from the agri-food sector to create durable and timeless pieces.



In close collaboration with our eco-label tanneries, our hides treated and reconditioned to create supple leather and suede of the finest quality. We also diversify by developing specific and exclusive colours.



We transform our leather garments in our own workshops into sustainable pieces that acquire a patina over time. All our collections are made by hand by our tailors whose traditional skills are passed down through generations.



Because we control the entire production chain in our workshops: from design to finished product, we can produce on demand - each piece we create minimises the carbon footprint avoiding mass production and ultimate waste. We also offer a supplementary made-to-measure service – virtually every piece has the additional option of being designed to your precise measurements by our experts to fit any type of body shape.


Slow fashion

Our sustainable fashion aims to extend the life of a garment and reduce its’ environmental impact. All our creations can be ordered from our very first collections through to the most recent because all our pieces are classic staples in style. This way you may continuously order any garment you choose.



We redistribute our leather scraps to local artisans so there is no loss of leather or material in our recycling process.

Our values

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